Kathy Morgan, Rector of St. John's Church, Thorold, greets visitors picking up their free lunch thanks to the efforts of the Community Meal Programme.

Plan Your Visit

In order to do our best to keep everyone safe, we are asking everyone to remember to maintain  a physical distance of 2m between individuals who are not part of the same household for all ministries activities.



We are pleased to announce that no registration is required to attend services. Just show up and come as you are, we'll welcome you at the door. 

Registration will open at 9:00am on Wednesday each week and will close by noon on Friday to allow time for responsesg to be sent. Each household is asked to submit one registration. If you've missed the online registration times, please come anyway, but a bit early, to allow time to register in person.


You will either receive a confirmation or a notice that you will have priority registration for the following week if we have reached capacity by the time your registration is received. If you are placed on the priority list, you will still need to register for the next week.


The form on this page is scheduled to accept responses during the registration times mentioned above. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Arriving to Church

The church building will open no earlier than 20 minutes before each service. We will line up outside of the entrance to the Narthex (Carleton St.) in household groups, spaced 6 feet apart from the group ahead of you. Before you enter the Narthex to sign in for worship, you will be asked to self screen of any symptoms of COVID-19.


Please remember to bring your own face covering. It can be reusable or disposable but must cover the nose, mouth, and chin at the same time. We will have a few on hand for folks who do not have one.


When you check in for attendance at the table, sanitize your hands, and pick up any mail, and/or your family's Sunday School box. A parish host will then direct you to your seats.

St. John's Church, sign shows the formal name St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church as well as service times.
Empty St. John's Church, Thorold during lent showing purple altar cloth.

Inside the Church

We will be staggering our seating in order to maintain a 6-foot distance. We will be seating people as they arrive for worship from the front of the church to the back.


Signs will be affixed to the floor to follow as you move from the entrance to your pew, and then from your pews to the front of the church to receive communion. Traffic will be one-way through the pews, from right to left. For example, if you are sitting on the organ console side of the church, you will enter from the side aisle (right side), and move across the pew toward the centre aisle. When exiting or going up to communion, you will use the centre aisle.


Hand sanitizer stations will be set up inside the church. You will also see video recording equipment in order to offer our services online.


The only washroom that will be open will be the one in the Narthex. The rest of the church building will be closed.

The Worship Service

The service itself is going to look and feel different. You may need to sit away from your "usual seat", and of course you must wear a mask.


Kindly remember that congregational singing is not permitted at this time. You may also note that the amount of volunteer participation during the service will be reduced.


We will be celebrating the Eucharist every Sunday. Each side of the church will come forward in turn to receive communion. Canon Kathy will be wearing a mask to distribute wafers. There will be no common cup or wine. We ask that you sanitize your hands before receiving communion, and maintain 6 feet space behind the person or household group ahead of you.

Children's Programme

For the time being, our Sunday School programme will only be available online. For in person, we have prepared an activity and lesson for each Sunday. Each family will have their own set of supplies in a hard plastic container that may be picked up when they arrive.


We will have a brief "Kids' Talk" at the start of the service while children remain at their seats,  after which they can complete their activities.

The Rev'd Canon Katherine Morgan at St. John's Church, Thorold behind the altar.
Flowers in Spring at St. John's Church, Thorold.

After The Service

When the service is over, we will exit one side at a time, starting with those sitting at the back and working our way to the front, and leaving the church either through the back door, or the narthex door.


While we know you'd love to catch up with everyone, we need everyone to exit as quickly as possible, and please continue to wear your masks and maintain social distance as you say your goodbyes outside.

Please note that the church is cleaned and all high-touch surfaces are sanitized after services.