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Building for the Future

St. John's Church, Thorold is a vibrant and active community. Our building is a space where people come to worship and to pray. It is a building where people feel safe. They come to learn; they come to support each other; they come to be supported. We are grateful that you are part of the St. John's community.

Take a moment to reflect on your connection to St. John's


We know that we are part of a larger story. This building, this church, and this ministry here at St. John's is bigger than just this moment—there is a history that we have been given. There is a future that we are turning our hearts and our minds towards.


And so as good stewards of this building, we need to take care of it. In order to continue to be able to welcome members from the community who have found this to be a place of sanctuary, we are beginning a capital campaign, called "Building for the Future", to raise funds to take care of some of the necessary, most urgent, repairs. We want to continue to be a place where people feel welcome and come to experience God's peace.


Our goal, with your support, is to raise $16,000.

Here is a brief overview of the most pressing repairs needed.
More detail can be found on the pictures below.

St. John's logo. The words St. John's Thorold in white with a line drawing of the church atop a 4 square checkerboard background of red, blue, green and cyan.

  • The eavestroughs and downspouts all around the church need repairing or replacing in some areas to prevent rainwater from seeping into our building (approx. $4000)

  • Flat roof is blistering and wearing in parts and a small section of the shingled roof is showing wear and needs to be mended  (~$5000)

  • Stonework needs to be repaired or refurbished in several places (~$6000 for most urgent repairs but full estimate nears $17 000 and will take more time.)

  • Woodwork around the South Porch needs sealing and painting (~$1000)​

With your support we will start the most urgent repairs this fall. We will then complete the remaining work next spring, or as we can, depending on supplies and availability of our chosen contractors.


Your generous donation can be a one-time gift or a pledge over a designated period. All funds raised during this “Building for the Future” capital campaign, and used for the necessary repairs, are not taken into consideration for Diocesan Mission and Ministry (DMM).


St. John’s is our home — a church where we hear the Spirit guiding us and where we are strengthened to respond to where God is leading us. A place where we find rest and friendship as well as offer generous hospitality to our neighbours. Your thoughtful donation ensures we can continue to offer a safe, clean, and friendly space for all.


Thank you for prayerfully considering your donation as you pray for your church and community.

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