How do I get a copy of my baptism/marriage certificate

We cannot provide a copy of the actual certificate, but we can provide

you with a certified copy of our church register that will suffice as a

substitute. The cost for these is $20.

Some of my documents from the Anglican church in Thorold have different names. How can this be?

Our name is both St. John's Church, Thorold and The Church of St. John the Evangelist, Thorold. You may see both or either of these names on documents and/or the name Diocese of Niagara.

How do I obtain information about a past family member from your church records?

It may take a bit of research and investigation to be able to be sure we have the correct documents.

Please contact us and we will try to find the information you are seeking. For in depth research into family history or to visit the church archives (stored at McMaster University, Hamilton), contact

Historic Bowman family baptism, wedding and confirmation document from St. John's Church, Thorold.