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A girl (with her mom looking on) read the weekly scripture reading for the Advent Sunday service at St. John's Church, Thorold.

Faith Resources

You may be exploring faith in God or have not yet made a commitment to following Jesus.


You may have many questions:

How will God challenge us to live out our faith? What opportunities for ministry; for caring and offering compassion will we encounter?


What will we learn about our relationship with God and how the Spirit moves through our lives? How will our personal relationship with God grow and deepen ? 


Or will we stumble, not feeling strongly connected to the One who created us?  


Please be assured that you are welcome to bring your wonderings, questions and doubts here. We will journey together, whether distanced and online or in-person, in our uncertainty and our discovery. 

You may find helpful the list of resources below.


Also, please do not hesitate to contact us to speak to our priest, Kathy. Never underestimating where conversations may lead and the power they hold, she will be glad to arrange an in-person chat, a phone call, or Zoom conversation.

"No one of us has all the answers – but together, our collective wisdom can find and search out answers”. —Unknown

  • Can my fiancé(e) and I get married at St. John's?
    Yes, if (all): a) at least one of you is baptized b) you give at least 60 days notice c) you are prepared to undertake marriage preparation with our Rector, Katherine Morgan.
  • My fiancé(e) and I have our own pastor but would like to rent your church for our wedding. Is this permitted?
    Yes, following a conversation between your pastor and our Rector, that establishes that this will be a Christian ceremony.
  • What is the cost of a wedding at St. John's?
    The cost varies depending upon which services you request. The basic fee is $350 for the use of the church. Other fees and honoraria for clergy, musicians, bell ringer, equipment are optional/negotiable.
  • Can we have our wedding reception in your parish hall?
    Yes. Our hall has a capacity of 269 for a stand-up affair, 213 with seating at tables if you are not serving alcohol, and 184 with seating if you are serving alcohol. We have round tables as well as 6’ and 8’ rectangular tables and 200 chairs. For more detailed information about hall rentals please contact the church office.

Click the dropdown arrow to the right of each resource to read its description.

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