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Generosity unleashes the power of people and organizations to transform our communities and the world.

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From family and friends, to coworkers, and everyone in between, a charitable gift
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St. John's Church logo

St. John’s is your church—a place where we hear the Spirit guiding us and where we are strengthened to respond to where God is leading us. A place where we find rest and friendship as well as offer generous hospitality to our neighbours.


Your gift ensures that St. John's can continue to offer a warm, well-maintained, safe, clean, and friendly space for all

Give a meaningful gift—support a cause close to your heart

For the community-minded individual

Your one-time gift or monthly donation will help St. John's to continue to do good work through community partnerships with organizations such as Community Care Thorold, the Migrant Farm Workers' Project and One Thorold.

Also, your gift will allow us to continue our outreach work through our free Sunday Lunches and the collection of hats, mitts and scarves and toiletry items for our Thorold neighbours.

For the everyday work of the church

St. John's provides opportunities to worship, pray, celebrate, heal, question and love.

Your one-time gift or monthly donation to the everyday work of the church enables us to extend our footprint in the world through various platforms and initiatives.

We know that we are part of a larger story. This building, this church, and this ministry here at St. John's is bigger than just this moment.

Help us to faithfully live out who God is calling us to be—for generations to come.

For the practical individual

Your one-time gift or monthly donation will help St. John's to continue to provide a safe and well-maintained space for community groups to gather. Girl Guides, Alcoholics Anonymous, exercise groups, music and art groups, and various non-profit organizations use our space on a regular basis.

We give thanks for God's abundance allowing us to have this facility and would appreciate any assistance to keep pace with its rising costs.

Supporting your church through a gift to fund building upkeep ensures that our doors remain open to all who seek the love and solace of our church community.

For the curious and the questioner

Giving the gift of learning supports our Sunday School, Kids' Talks during services, intergenerational events and activities, adult faith formation groups, and opportunities to be a part of worship services.

We bring our wonderings, questions and doubts. We journey together in our uncertainty and our discovery. 

Your one-time gift or monthly donation will help St. John's help one another to continue learning and discerning who God is calling us to be

Together, we reflect the love and the generosity that we have been given by sharing it with others—creating a ripple of positivity that extends far beyond our own lives and continues to brighten the world

Your one-time gift or monthly donation
WILL make a

For the social justice advocate

Your support will help make a difference as we, as a part of the One Thorold organization, look at concerns around affordable housing, addiction issues, neighbourhoods, and building community.

Also, St. John's works to broaden our understanding of our Indigenous peoples-- partnering with the City of Thorold as part of a movement toward healing through Truth and Reconciliation.

Your one-time gift or monthly donation will help us to continue to examine our beliefs, to join voices in advocacy and to call for action.

Share it, Live it, Be Bold with it!


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